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Born in Kyoto, Japan, Yuko Uebayashi has been living in Paris since 1998. Having obtained a composition diploma at the Kyoto Municipal University of the Arts, she composes works inspired by musicians that reveal to her a perspective other than that of Japanese tradition. Often performed, they have met with undeniable success in Japan, France (Théâtre des Champs-Élysées), the United States, etc. 2003 saw the release of a CD of flute works by Jean-Michel Damase and Yuko Uebayashi, and in 2007, a CD appeared entitled Yuko Uebayashi, Works for flute played by the flautist Jean Ferrandis. “For me Yuko Uebayashi’s works are gems that, although they are so different, they yet belong to the same world, a world of vivacity, dreams, tenderness, humour, and one that is subtly contradicted by vehemence, virtuosity, melancholy and sorrow. Yuko Uebayashi’s ‘fairy-tale’ music has but one aim, that of providing pleasure and emotion. She strives nonetheless to hide her considerable work on structure and architecture, marked out as it is by highly precise and quite uncompromising ‘dynamic strata’! For me these works are a precious gift.“ Jean Ferrandis